enna fertility kit

Improves fertility and increases the chances of pregnancy in a natural way

enna ferility kit

enna fertility kit improves fertility and increases the chances of pregnancy in a natural way.

It contains:

  • enna fertility gel
  • enna fertility cap

enna fertility gel contributes to the viability of semen and promotes the fertility of cervical mucus.

enna fertility cap a medical device that concentrates
spermatozoa as close as possible to the cervix, keeps them from wasting and prolongs their life inside the vagina.


Apply 2ml of enna fertility gel inside the vagina with the help of the syringe every night before going to bed, during the 2 days prior to ovulation and throughout the fertile window.

Have sex at least 3 times on these days, in separate episodes every 48 hours approx. to facilitate proper sperm production.

After ejaculation inside the vagina, apply again 2 ml of enna fertility gel and then, carefully insert the enna fertility cap all the way into the vagina to collect all esperma and gel.
Thus, enna fertility cap will help the sperm to travel through the vagina faster and safer until reaching the seminal sac and the cervix.
enna fertility gel, in turn, will contribute to the viability and the motility of the collected sperm.

Once entered the fertilty cap in the vagina as per previous step, relax and wait for about 20 minutes, ideally lying on the bed.
enna fertility cap will keep the sperm close to the cervix, in a favorable pH environment and with the right concentration of salts thanks to enna fertility gel.

After the prescribed time has elapsed, sit on the toilet and pull the guiding steam. Enna fertility cap has been designed for easy extraction by pulling the draging balls in its steam. You will feel how the cap turns off the pressure and comes off easily.
It is normal that traces of semen fluid, cervical mucus and intimate fluids will remain on the enna fertility cap when removing it.

enna fertility kit has been designed to help fertilization, but does not guarantee pregnancy.