enna fertility

Improves fertility and increases the chances of pregnancy in a natural way

enna fertility kit 1023

enna fertility improves fertility and increases the chances of pregnancy in a natural way.

It contains:

  • enna fertility gel
  • enna fertility cap

enna fertility gel it’s a gel with active ingredients that enhance fertility, increasing the chance of getting pregnant naturally. It has features to ensure the viability of sperm: the osmolarity and pH of the product are appropriate and aid sperm migration in cervical mucus.

enna fertility cap it’s designed to be used with enna fertility gel after intercourse, to carry the gel and semen to the cervix.


Make love during the ovulation period.

Measure 2 ml of enna fertility gel into the central part of enna fertility cap.

Keep enna fertility cap in the vagina for 20 minutes.

Pull the thread of enna fertility cap. The cap will rotate and lose pressure to come out easily.

enna fertility has been designed to assist in fertilization, but it does not guarantee pregnancy. enna fertility helps increase the presence of sperm near the cervix, but there are other factors involved in fertilization where enna fertility does not play a role. If a year has passed without pregnancy, consult your gynecologist/urologist as it could be due to other factors.