enna fertility gel

Contributes to the viability of semen and promotes the fertility of cervical mucus.

enna fertility gel aumenta la probabilidad de embarazo

enna fertility gel enna fertility gel is a health product that supports the viability of the semen and helps establish fertile cervical mucus to create an optimum environment for the spermatozoa and increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

We recommend using enna fertility gel between days 11 and 17 of your cycle.

A patented formulation based on:

Myo-inositol: it increases the number of motile spermatozoa and improves the viscosity of cervical mucus to facilitate fertilization.

Prebiotic (FOS): they reinforce the vaginal microbiota making it a favorable environment for conception, avoiding dysbiosis.

Calcium ions: they increase sperm motility.

The gel provides an ideal pH (7-7.5) for semen.

It also provides an optimal salt concentration (osmolarity of 280-350 mOsm/ml) for the sperm.

Why is the vaginal microbiota important?

  • A healthy vaginal microbiota creates a favourable environment for the spermatozoa as they travel to the cervix.
  • The vaginal microbiota is primarily made up of Lactobacillus (90%): a type of bacteria that produces lactic acid to maintain a balanced pH (4.5-5).
  • If the microbiota is in dysbiosis (an imbalance in the microorganisms), it generates a hostile environment for the spermatozoa and can also lead to gynaecological infections.

To keep the microbiota in eubiosis (when the microorganisms are balanced), the concentration of Lactobacillus needs to be kept above 90%. Prebiotics nourish and fertilise the Lactobacillus.

The qualities of semen

In a single ejaculation, the number of spermatozoa in the semen can range from 40 to 150 million. Many die upon reaching the vagina, as they are damaged by its acidic pH. enna fertility gel acts jointly on the sperm’s mobility and the number of valid spermatozoa that reach the cervix.

The myo-inositol helps regulate spermatogenesis (the process that generates spermatozoa) by increasing the sperm’s quality and motility (the ability of the spermatozoa to move efficiently), as well as preventing their oxidation. The improvement in the sperm’s motility is thanks to the role myo-inositol plays in the calcium channels in the spermatozoa’s cell membranes. Entry of calcium into the sperm lead to increased movement of the flagellum, giving the sperm greater mobility to help it reach its objective: the egg. Calcium is also involved in sperm capacitation, which enables the “chosen” sperm to enter through the membrane into the egg for fertilisation.

It creates an environment with an improved salt concentration (osmotic concentration of 280 – 350 mOsm/ml), helping the spermatozoa to survive.

We recommend using enna fertility gel between days 11 and 17 of your cycle.
Once open, store in a refrigerator.