Frequently asked questions:

Menstrual Cup

Is the menstrual cup enna cycle Vegan?

The menstrual cup enna cycle is Vegan, it is not tested on animals.

Can I use the menstrual cup if I have a low cervix?

Yes, you can use it but we advise you to discuss it beforehand with a specialist so that you can indicate which size is the most appropriate in your case.

Can I use the menstrual cup if I have an IUD or if I use a contraceptive vaginal ring?

IUD: Yes, as long as you are careful to prevent any suction and not to pull on the IUD strings when pulling out the cup. To make sure, we recommend that you tell your gynaecologist that you are using a menstrual cup, in case he thinks it might be better to shorten the strings of your IUD.

Vaginal ring: Yes, as long as the ring is above the cup and none of following occur:

  • The ring getting inside the menstrual cup, as this can reduce its contraceptive efficacy, given that the hormones are absorbed through the vaginal mucosa.
  • The ring getting stuck between the side of the cup and the vaginal wall, as this would stop the cup from unfolding correctly and could cause leaks.

The menstrual cup that I bought does not carry the applicator. Can I buy it separately?

If you have purchased a box with no applicator included (Size L and items 183163.7 and 183161.3) and you would like one, you can purchase it separately for sizes S and M, both in pharmacies and online.

Can I use the enna cycle menstrual cup without an applicator?

Yes, you can use it without folding it according to the foldings indicated, both on our website and in the leaflet of the cup, and introducing it with your fingers.

Can the applicator be sterilized?

No, as indicated in the package leaflet, we recommend not sterilizing the applicator since it could be deformed because it is made of medical grade polypropylene.

How should I clean the applicator?

Just wash it with intimate soap and water after each use.

I do not have a microwave and I would like to know how I can sterilize the menstrual cup. Can I boil it in a saucepan? How long?

Indeed, you can sterilize it by introducing it in a saucepan with water and bringing it to a boil or pouring boiling water into the enna box with the menstrual cup inside.
With 3 minutes it is enough to eliminate the possible bacteria.

How can I remove menstrual cup?

To extract the cup, grasp the base, the string will serve as a guide to reach it (do not pull it!).Once you can feel the base (if you find this difficult to do, open your legs wide and either arch your back or squat), squeeze it to release the vacuum and then pull it out.

When you decide to remove the cup, your muscles should be relaxed, otherwise they will actually grip the cup more tightly. If you struggle to remove the cup, just leave it for a little while and then try again.

Can the thread of the menstrual cup be broken?

Yes, if you pull the thread it is possible that it ends up breaking. The thread is not used to extract the cup, but as a guide to reach its base and pull it to remove it.

Can I cut the string of the menstrual cup?

Yes, you can cut the string to whatever length is most comfortable, but do not remove the two little balls from the base.

Menstrual cup sizes

How can I calculate the size of the menstrual cup in cases where two options are recommended (S / M or M / L)?

There are several factors that influence the choice of the appropriate size of the cup, in addition to age and having children:


  • If you practice sports such as athletics, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics or any other kind of high exercise that involves a lot of jumping around (running, tennis, paddle tennis, aerobics, etc.) you will need a larger size, as these activities tend to weaken the pelvic floor.
  • If you regularly do low impact exercise such as yoga or pilates, you will need a smaller size.


If you are tall and/or have a large build, you will need a bigger size; if you are short and/or petite, you will need a smaller size.

Is the amount of menstrual flow a factor that influences the choice of the size of the menstrual cup?

No, the amount of flow will only determine how often you should change your menstrual cup, but not the size.

Can I use the size of my tampons to choose the size of the menstrual cup?

No, the size of the tampons depends on the amount of menstrual flow and this is not a factor that influences the size of the Enna cup.

Can size L be used with the applicator?​

No, given that this size is very large and the function of the applicator is not done correctly. For this reason there are no size L packs with applicator.

Why am I seeing spotting?

There are three reasons why you may experience leakage:

  • That you are not placing it well, in this case try to introduce it by squatting and try to turn the cup a little if it does not open itself.
  • Your current cup size is too large and the upper ring, which is supposed to prevent leaks by creating a vacuum, is unable to fully unfold.
  • Your current cup size is too small. The diameter of the upper part of the cup is insufficient to reach the vaginal wall and create a vacuum. The cup probably slides around throughout the day.

Why does not the menstrual cup open completely and stay bent?

It may be normal to feel folds at the base of the cup. The main thing is that the upper ring is fully opened. There are two reasons why this may not happen:

  • That the chosen size is too big. Bending indicates that there is not enough room for the menstrual cup to open properly.
  • That you are not placing it well, in this case try to introduce it by squatting and try to turn the cup a little if it does not open itself.