A healthy couple can have fertility problems due to environmental factors that affect the production and quality of sperm in men, and causes alterations of the menstrual cycle and ovulation in women. Therefore, a truly healthy life is essential to increase the chances of pregnancy: to reduce caffeine intake, to avoid tobacco and alcohol, to exercise, to sleep well, to have a balanced diet with the presence of vegetables and cereals and to try to reduce stress as far as possible.

It is also important to have a deep knowledge of monthly fertile windows (ovulation periods).Methods such as basal temperature control, the Billings method through vaginal secretions or using an ovulation test can be useful for such a purpose.

Among the hygienic-sanitary measures, it is advisable to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiota which is the set of microorganisms, most of them Lactobacillus (90%) that inhabit the vagina, to avoid infections from one side and to prevent the environment to become hostile for conception from the other side.

In men, both the quantity of semen in the ejaculation and the number of spermatozoa are important, but the most important thing is their quality i.e. viable spermatozoa with sufficient motility to reach the egg and to fertilize it.

enna fertility improves fertility and increases the chances of pregnancy in a natural way, at home without invading the privacy of the couple