enna protect

A reusable and ecological panty liner

enna protect

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enna protect is the reusable and ecological panty liner with wings designed to complement your intimate hygiene. Its use allows you to live your menstruation in a more conscious and respectful way because thanks to its composition of bamboo and organic cotton it does not contain chemicals that interfere with your body or alter your vaginal pH. Suitable for people with chemical sensitivities and sensitive skin.

You can use enna protect on the days of heaviest vaginal discharge, the first and last days of menstruation or at the end of the postpartum period. You can also use enna protect with small leaks of urine, small bleedings caused by IUD or if you suffer from infections with vaginal discharge.

It is soft, breathable, thin and comfortable. It fits perfectly and you will always feel clean and dry.

Our eco-friendly, reusable panty liner is also available as a thong. The bottom part is thinner so that it fits snugly and does not bulge or cause discomfort. The wings hug the underwear and prevent it from moving. 

 Sanidx technology to prevent vaginal infections

The absorbent layer of enna protect is treated with Sanidx technology that includes silicon compounds with antimicrobial activity, which has a preventive effect on the most common vaginal infections, neutralising bacteria and fungi that can cause cystitis, vaginosis and candidiasis.

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What are the benefits of using enna protect?







How to take care of your reusable panty liner enna protect

Leave it to soak

Wash with cold water
Max. 40º

Leave to air dry

If you take good care of your enna protect, it will last up to 100 washes.

How to place your enna protect