enna period gel

Intimate hygiene indicated in periods with risk of infections

enna period gel is a gentle cleanser for daily use especially recommended for that periods with higher risk of infections, in which the pH of the intimate area is altered or out of suitable ranges for protection against microorganisms.

  • Contains 84.5% natural ingredients.
  • Its pH is 4.5.

Did you know that when the pH rises there is more risk of infection?

This can cause:

  • Irritations
  • Disconfort
  • Infections

enna period gel contains lactic acid that lowers the pH to 4.5, thus restoring the balance of the intimate area and helping to prevent infections.

With the following beneficial properties:





How to use enna period gel?

Apply a small amount of the product and rub until foam. Rinse with plenty of water until no traces of gel remain. Use whenever you may considered it necessary.

Why using the enna period gel intimate gel?

  • To keep the intimate pH balanced. The feminine intimate zone requires specific care
    due to the characteristics of the microbiota and mucosa.
  • Because non-specific shower gels can cause alterations in the balance of the microbiota
    of the vagina. This way, redness and irritation may also appear on the intimate
    area. enna period gel, by contrast, has a pH that maintains the balance of the
    skin and mucous membranes.
  • Because if single-use products are used during menstruation, bad odors and skin irritations may appear. enna period gel has anti-odour properties and soothening actives to care for the skin.
  • Correct hygiene, not wearing tight clothes and to keep the area dry are essential to avoid intimate infections 

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