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CUP MODEL RECOMMENDATION (Your score is in the “enna model score” box)

  • ENNA EASY: Between 0-2 points, we recommend the model.
  • ENNA ORIGINAL: Between 3-5 points, we recommend the model.

Size Recommendation (Your score is in the “TOTAL SCORE” box):

  • Between 0-1 points, your size is STARTER (Check Starter Kit specifications at https://ennawomen.com/starter-kit/)
  • Between 1-4* points your size is S (Please read the asterisk)
  • Between 4-8* points your size is M (Please read the asterisk)
  • Between 8**-12 points your size is L (Please read the asterisk)

* [4 points] If your score is 4 and you practice yoga, Pilates or low-impact sports, the size that will fit best is S. If you practice high-impact sports or no sports, size M is the best option.

** [8 points] If your score is 8 and you have given birth and have had pelvic floor recovery or if you have not given birth, we recommend the M size. If you have given birth and have not had pelvic floor recovery, size L is the best option.

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