Garden Hotels collaborates with ENNA and is part of the first campaign to promote the use of reusable menstrual products.

Studies carried out in the Balearic Islands and throughout the Mediterranean region by different entities establish that disposable menstrual products and wet wipes are in the top 10 of the plastic products most commonly found on our beaches and sea surfaces.

In addition, these single-use intimate hygiene products usually contain significant proportions of plastic, bleaching substances and toxins, and generate a large amount of waste and resource consumption during their manufacture.

Garden Hotels, a hotel chain certified in Circular Economy Strategy and firmly committed to the health of people and the environment, is committed to promoting sustainable alternatives to single-use products and preventing the generation of waste.

Use your menstrual cup even on holidays !

10 años = 

1 copa menstrual*

± 2400 compresas o tampones

* Sin plásticos, blanqueantes ni tóxicos. Proceso de fabricación sin residuos en España.

¡Encontraras la marca líder de copa menstrual en la farmacia más cercana a nuestro hotel!

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At Garden Hotels we take care of our Earth and our people, join us!