enna hygiene&go spray

Intimate hygiene no rinse

enna hygiene&go spray no rinse, no soap cleanser indicated for intimate hygiene, especially for times when you are out and about. It respects the pH of the intimate area and mu- cous membranes.

  • Contains 93.2% natural ingredients.
  • Its pH is 6.2.
enna hygiene&go spray is formulated with plant extracts that provide beneficial properties for the care of the intimate area.

With the following beneficial properties:





How to use enna hygiene&go spray?

Spray enna hygiene&go spray in your intimate area, clean and dry with paper. Repeat whenever necessary.

Thanks to its 360º valve you can spray without problems with the can upside down.

When to use enna hygiene&go spray?

  • During menstruation, if you are away from home without access to a bidet: at work, on a trip, at university, spending the day off…
    The natural balance of the intimate area can be disturbed because of the hormonal changes during the cycle.
    During menstruation the pH rises to stay within the ranges of 6.8 to 7.2. enna hygiene&go spray lowers the pH to a more acidic one, thus restoring the balance of the intimate area and helps to avoid infections.
  • If you have small urine losses and need a plus of Hygiene to end the day clean and without bad smells. Sometimes, changing the
    panty liner or underwear is not enough
  • To feel comfortable and clean. With enna hygiene&go spray this uncomfortable feeling will end.
  • Urinating and good intimate hygiene after intercourse sex is essential to avoid infections like cystitis. Take enna hygiene&go spray with you to be always perfect.

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