Feminine hygiene products

enna moisturizing & enna cleansing gel

At enna we offer two feminine hygiene products to ensure maximum comfort and hygiene for your intimate zone. These are also designed to be used along with other enna products, such as enna pelvic ball and enna cycle.

enna moisturizing

This is the ideal gel to moisturize the female intimate area. It contains aloe vera and vegetable glycerin, and is gynaecologically and dermatologically tested. Enna moisturizing is one of the best feminine hygiene products for inserting the enna pelvic ball into the vagina, as it is really easy and pleasant to use. It doesn’t stain and if you spill it anywhere, it can be easily removed with water – meaning it is so discreet!

Enna moisturizing soothes, protects and helps with any irritation. Your intimate zone is just as important as the rest of your body, so now is the time to look after it!


Packaging: 50 ml moisturizing bottle

Directions for use
Apply to the external intimate zone with your fingertips. You can use enna moisturizing as often as you need. When using with enna pelvic ball, we recommend using a small amount of gel before inserting the ball.

enna cleansing gel

Enna cleansing gel cares for and protects the vagina in a non-aggressive way. It is enriched with chamomile to clean the intimate zone and is formulated with mild surfactants and non-irritants to give you extra comfort. It is alcohol-free and soap-free, meaning it is the ideal gel for everyday cleaning of the intimate zone. Enna cleansing gel has a slightly acidic pH to favour the physiological conditions of the vaginal mucous and maintain a natural balance. This intimate wash gel is also one of the top feminine hygiene products for keeping products such as the enna pelvic ball and enna cycle clean.

We take great care of the rest of our body, so we should really do the same with our intimate zone. It is just as important! This intimate wash gel will leave you feeling fresh and clean. Use enna cleansing gel for quick effects and everyday comfort.

Packaging: 200 ml cleansing gel bottle

Directions for use
Apply the intimate wash gel to the external intimate zone using your fingertips, massage into a rich lather then simply rinse with water and dry. When using to clean products such as the enna pelvic ball and enna cycle, we recommend running the product under the tap and using a small amount of enna cleansing gel. Then rinse with water and leave to dry.