Starter kit

Menstrual cup starter kit

The menstrual cup is a container that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to deposit the menstrual flow. Unlike tampons, which are also used internally, the menstrual cup does not absorb blood; It is contained inside the cup until it is removed from the vagina and the liquid is discarded.

Menstrual Cup Starter Kit

Enna Starter Kit

We have created this pack for women who want to get started with the menstrual cup:

  • The short S size will enable you to begin using a cup and have enough confidence to move on to the standard S size.
  • The short S size is also suitable for women with a lower than usual cervix.

enna starter kit

Enna cycle is manufactured in Spain with silicone of medical grade, totally compatible with the organism since it does not generate any adverse reaction. Free of chemical substances.

enna cycle starter kit is suitable for:

– Young girls who begin to menstruate, between the ages of 10 and 18.
– Women who have never had sexual intercourse and are starting to use a menstrual cup.
– Women with a lower cervix than the standard.

*Note: use of a menstrual cup may damage the hymen. Please bear this in mind if keeping it intact it is important to you.

**Note: The Starter Kit is excluded from the exchange guarantee. 

Pero… ¿Qué talla es la más adecuada para mí?

Enna cycle tiene 3 tallas… ¡Te ayudamos!

Enna cylce Tallas

Dependiendo de cómo es tu suelo pélvico y como han quedado tus paredes vaginales después del parto. Si has ejercitado el suelo pélvico y has fortalecido las paredes vaginales la talla que necesitarás es más pequeña, si tu suelo pélvico ha sufrido tras el parto quizás necesitarás una más grande.

La práctica de algunos deportes de forma regular influye en la musculatura pélvica:

  • Si practicas regularmente deportes como el atletismo, el baloncesto, el voleibol o todos aquéllos donde se realicen saltos repetidos (running, tenis, pádel, aerobic,…) necesitarás una talla mayor, ya que, estos deportes suelen debilitar el suelo pélvico.
  • Si practicas regularmente deportes de bajo impacto como yoga o pilates necesitarás una talla menor.

Si eres alta y/o de complexión grande necesitarás una talla mayor y si eres bajita y/o de complexión pequeña necesitarás una talla menor.á


To facilitate the introduction of enna cycle there are different ways to bend the menstrual cup

Which are the benefits of using the menstrual cup?


Does not interfere with vaginal pH. It is not associated with the SST.


No need for constant changes.


Recover the investment in a few months.


Forget to buy each month, a menstrual cup can be used up to 10 years.


Medical-grade silicone is inert, germs do not accumulate in it.


It generates much less waste than any other alternative.