Menstrual cup applicator

If your size is S or M, you can use the menstrual cup applicator to insert your cup.

With the enna cycle applicator, it will be easy for you to intuitively put the cup in correctly the first time.

How to use the applicator?

A. Use the V-fold (see here) and insert the cup into the applicator. As you see, the thread must go inside the applicator as indicated in figure A. Place the cup in the applicator through the non-folded area.

B. Insert the menstrual cup applicator until you reach the mark where your fingers are.
Everything should be inserted in so that the cup is placed properly.

C. Remove the menstrual cup applicator carefully in order for the cup to open up inside in the correct place.

To clean the applicator just wash it with intimate soap and water after each use, we recommend not sterilizing the applicator since it could be deformed because it is made of medical grade polypropylene.