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Enna vaginal sphere: how to make the best use of it

The enna pelvic ball vaginal sphere is a medical device designed to strengthen the female pelvic floor. Women’s pelvic floor muscles suffer throughout various stages of female reproduction because pregnancy, as well as childbirth and menopause, cause this area to weaken. 

The enna pelvic ball is recommended for strengthening the pelvic floor following the postpartum period (once 40 days have passed after giving birth) and menopause. Also if you do high-impact sport or if you are planning on becoming pregnant in order to keep your muscles in shape. 

How is the enna pelvic ball used?

The enna vaginal sphere is really easy to use. You should insert it into the vagina and move around with it. 

  • First we recommend that you see a physiotherapist who specializes in the pelvic floor. A voucher is included in each enna pelvic ball pack for an appointment at Fisión Clinics. 
  • Start using the enna pelvic ball for 5 minutes and increase the frequency until you are using the device for 20-30 minutes a day and no more than one hour as your muscles may ache. 
  • You should always keep active: move around your house, go for a walk, go shopping, or even do some pelvic floor exercises… Light activities. If you keep still, the enna pelvic ball might fall out and if you do high-impact activities, you may hurt yourself as a result of using it incorrectly.
  • If the enna pelvic ball falls out the first time you use it, we advise you to do Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor exercises, while lying on a bed once you have inserted the sphere. You can find more information about Kegel exercises here
  • You can use a lubricating gel such as enna moisturizing or water to make it easier to insert the enna pelvic ball. 

A strong pelvic floor will help you avoid stress urinary incontinence and prolapses (slipping of internal organs), while allowing you to enjoy penetrative sex more. It also makes childbirth easier and helps you recover more quickly.

Are enna pelvic balls the same as kegel balls?
No. The pelvic ball is a unique oval sphere which is easy to insert into the vagina.
There is another sphere inside which is shaped like an irregular diamond and this collides with the walls to produce vibration, therefore activating muscle contraction. Kegel balls, however, are designed so that their spheres work based on volume and weight rather than vibrations. The most important factor in a pelvic floor exerciser is not the size or weight, but the vibrations it produces. The enna pelvic ball is therefore a great deal more effective in strengthening the pelvic floor than kegel balls, and even more so when combined with pelvic floor exercises.




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