enseñar copa menstrual a tu hija

Why should you teach your daughter about the menstrual cup?

Teaching your daughter about the menstrual cup is a way to show her that there are other options aside from pads and tampons. It also gives her the opportunity to get to know and respect her body from a young age. While some of our followers have said that they’re going to teach their daughters about the cup first, there are others who think that alternative methods are better for their daughters’ first periods because “they are very young”.

Girls can start to use the menstrual cup when they get their first period without any problem and the right size will normally be an S. What’s more, at enna we offer a pack aimed at anyone just beginning to menstruate: the starter kit. This includes a standard size S and a size S short, which is a little more petite and can be used for learning to insert the menstrual period cup and build up confidence. 

How can you speak to your sons and daughters about periods?

Although the taboo surrounding periods and sexuality is gradually being broken, if parents still find it difficult to talk about these things with their children, it means there is still a lot of work left to do. Think about the conversation you would’ve liked to have had with your mum or dad on this subject:

  • Don’t wait for menstruation to start. This will be a day full of nerves and chaos, with a lot to take in. When your daughter is 8-9 years old, you can speak to her about personal hygiene products so she becomes familiar with them and you should ask your daughter if she’s unsure about anything. 
  • If she comes to you, don’t drag your feet. Don’t be lazy or give excuses. If your daughter is proactive, it’s better for information to come from you than from Mr. Google or from the tales going round her classroom, which often bear little resemblance to the truth.
  • Find out about the menstrual period cup and reusable products. If you’re not a cup user, don’t worry! But it is important that you give your daughter this option, in the same way that you should also offer her the chance to try reusable pads. All information should be made available so that your daughter can make a conscious decision. This is also a good time for you to try the cup too, meaning you can experience this process together.
  • Teach her everything you know. If you are a cup user, you already know about all the benefits it offers and you are aware that going back to disposable products is not an option. Become your daughter’s cup guru and explain all the advantages to her. Remember that this is also a process and it might be difficult at the start, but this is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with it. Tampons also require practice. Speak naturally, this is nothing bad.
  • If you have sons, talk to them too. Although most men don’t menstruate, they are constantly in contact with women. Boys have to learn that they must not laugh at their female classmates if they get their period, if they leak some blood or don’t feel well. They must understand that there is nothing wrong in buying menstrual products and they shouldn’t be disgusted by it because it’s not a disease. 

Reasons for which your daughter should use the menstrual period cup

If this is a subject you’re unsure about because you don’t think it’s appropriate for girls so young, this is why it is good to talk to them about it: 

  • The best alternative for a healthy lifestyle. Disposable pads and tampons contain a lot of toxic components, plastics and perfumes which are in contact with the body and which we absorb without realising it. This triggers irritations, allergies, changes in the vaginal pH and, in the case of tampons, toxic shock syndrome. The enna cycle menstrual cup is made of hypoallergenic and inert medical-grade liquid silicone, meaning germs don’t build up in it. What’s more, it only collects blood and doesn’t absorb it, unlike tampons (in doing so, the latter also absorb the vaginal flow and dry out the vagina). 
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly. We have told you before about the waste generated by disposable menstrual products throughout a woman’s fertile life. Using the menstrual period cup helps reduce the negative impact on the environment. A woman will only need 4-5 cups throughout her life. The menstrual cup takes up much less space than a packet of pads which will only last one cycle. 
  • Economical. Although the initial cost is higher than a packet of pads or tampons, you will recover this cost in 4 cycles. Buy one cup and forget about spending for another 10 years. What’s more, with enna you get two cups
  • Comfortable. The menstrual cup is suitable for flexible lives, so it is perfect for teenagers, as depending on the amount of flow, it can be worn for up to 12 hours without needing to be emptied. It is important not to leave the cup in for more than 12 hours because the blood would start to decompose, which may give rise to unpleasant odours or infections. 
  • Helps you get to know yourself better. The menstrual cup is your new tool to help you find out more about your health. You can really get to know the amount of flow lost in each cycle (and this will mean you know when to change the cup), you will realise that blood doesn’t smell (disposable menstrual products cause this bad odour) and you will be able to detect possible infections by looking at the colour, as explained in this post.

enna cycle starter kit for your daughter

At enna cycle we have 3 sizes of menstrual cup which are well suited to all women. We also offer the starter kit, which is a pack especially designed for girls between the ages of 10 and 18 who start to get their period and want to use the menstrual cup. The starter kit includes:

  • Size S Short menstrual cup. This is slightly more petite than the standard S size and helps girls overcome their fear while getting used to the menstrual cup. This is also suitable for girls whose cervix is lower than normal.
  • Standard size S cup for when the technique has been mastered.
  • Applicator for easy insertion.
  • enna box to sterilize and transport the cup.
  • 50 ml bottle of enna moisturizing, a hydrating gel that helps the cup slip in more easily. 



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enseñar copa menstrual a tu hija

Why should you teach your daughter about the menstrual cup?

Teaching your daughter about the menstrual cup is a way to show her that there are other options aside from pads and tampons. It also gives her the opportunity to get to know and respect her body from a young age. While some of our followers have said that they’re going to teach their daughters

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