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Introducing enna protect: the reusable and eco-friendly panty liner

Our reusable and eco-friendly panty liner, enna protect, has arrived to widen the range of enna feminine hygiene products. Many of you have explained to us that you missed having a reusable panty liner for increased protection, especially when you started to use the menstrual cup. Like all enna products, enna protect is made in Spain.

What is the enna panty liner like?

enna protect is a reusable and eco-friendly panty liner with wings which is designed to fit into your personal hygiene routine. It can be used together with other feminine hygiene products such as the menstrual cup when you’re on your period for more protection or on days when you’ve not got your period, when the flow is heavier and you don’t want to stain your underwear. Its PUL layer prevents leaks, meaning you won’t stain your underwear and its wings stop the panty liner from moving around.

Reusable panty liners allow you to be more aware and respectful of your body when on your period because these feminine hygiene products are made of bamboo and organic cotton and don’t contain any chemical products that interfere with your body or alter your vaginal pH. It is suitable for women who are sensitive to chemicals and have sensitive skin.

What is enna protect made of?

capas enna protect

  • Layer in contact with the skin 100% bamboo (OEKO-TEX Certificate). The inside of the bamboo fibre is full of microholes which create microspaces with a high capacity to absorb liquid elements and ensure they pass through to the next layer quickly. What’s more, bamboo is a plant with antibacterial and breathable properties, which is soft and biodegradable.
  • Absorbent layer 100% PA (OEKO-TEX Certificate), a highly resistant fibre that keeps its shape and dries quickly. “3D” SPACER technology has been used to join three layers together. The top layer and the bottom layer form a fabric structure used to support the middle layer, which is highly absorbent thanks to the threads woven into the fabric. This means it can be used alone or together with other feminine hygiene products such as the menstrual cup. SaniDX antibacterial treatment has also been used on this triple layer to avoid unpleasant odours.
  • Layer of breathable and soft organic cotton (OEKO-TEX and “GOTS” Certifications) for maximum comfort. Organic cotton is much more sustainable than traditional cotton because it is grown using rainwater only and doesn’t require large volumes of water. No genetically-modified seeds or chemical fertilisers are used to cultivate it. This material doesn’t contain any bleaching agents or other toxins, so it doesn’t provoke any skin problems or allergic reactions.
  • PUL layer (OEKO-TEX Certification). The micropore system of this laminate allows skin to breathe, while preventing leaks. This material is really flexible too.

Advice for looking after your enna protect

enna protect doesn’t last as long as a menstrual cup, but because it can be washed more than 100 times, you can use it for roughly a year and a half if you look after it properly. To ensure your reusable panty liner has a long life:

Follow the washing advice below to make sure your product lasts longer:

  • Rinse with cold water (or prewash with cold water) after use.
  • You can wash it in the washing machine at no higher than 40º.
  • Use neutral soap.
  • Leave to air-dry.
  • NEVER USE bleach or fabric softener.
  • DO NOT tumble-dry.
  • Do not iron.

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