no puedo sacar mi copa menstrual

What should I do if I can’t take my menstrual cup out?

If I can’t take my menstrual cup out, will it get lost inside? No, nothing bad will happen if you can’t take your cup out of the vaginal canal straight away. It’s most likely that you are nervous. The first thing you should know is that it can only go as far as the cervix so no matter how high up the cup might travel, it won’t get past the cervix. Why might the cup move upwards?

  • It is a small size and there is a lot of space for it to make a vacuum.
  • It hasn’t fully unfolded, so it doesn’t make a vacuum. This might either be because it is a big size or because you are still in the learning phase and haven’t inserted it properly. Remember that you should use the enna cycle size calculator to find out which menstrual cup size fits you best. 

When you think that the menstrual period cup has disappeared, you shouldn’t lose your nerve because it will always come out when you are relaxed. If you are nervous, your muscles will hold on to the cup more tightly, stopping it from moving down and meaning you can’t get to it. 

Tips for taking your menstrual cup out

  1. Wash your hands. This is an essential step whenever you are going to touch the cup and your intimate area. 
  2. Relax. This is a tense situation, especially if it is one of your first times using the menstrual period cup. It is a stressful moment which is unfamiliar to you and numerous theories about it are going around your head. While you hyperventilate, your muscles are holding on to the cup tightly, meaning that you can’t take it out.
  3. Crouch down so that your buttocks are leaning on your ankles and arch your back. This position allows your vaginal walls to expand and makes your vaginal canal a bit shorter. This makes it easier to get hold of the menstrual period cup. 
  4. Use your muscles to push downwards as though you were going to the toilet (although many girls call this “giving birth to the cup”).  
  5. Find the base with your fingers, and if you still can’t reach, slightly pull on the thread until you can get to it. Remember that the thread is not designed to be pulled, so you should only pull on it a little until you can get hold of the base. If you pull too hard, it might break or slip out of your fingers, which could be painful. 

If you don’t manage it the first time and you find yourself getting more nervous, stop and try again after a while. 

Alternative ways to take your menstrual period cup out

  • If don’t think you’ll be able to manage it alone, ask a friend or your partner for help. 
  • Before hurting yourself by trying dubious methods like using tweezers or inserting other objects, go to a hospital or A&E for help. 



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