Enna Cycle: 2 cups + applicator + sterilizer

The only menstrual cup with an applicator

The menstrual cup is a container that is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to deposit the menstrual flow. Unlike tampons, which are also used internally, the menstrual cup does not absorb blood; It is contained inside the cup until it is removed from the vagina and the liquid is discarded.

The only menstrual cup with an applicator

It will change your life

Why is enna cycle different?


  • Applicator
  • Two menstrual cup
  • Sterilizer box

Enna cycle is manufactured in Spain with silicone of medical grade, totally compatible with the organism since it does not generate any adverse reaction.

Free of chemical substances.

But … What size is the most appropriate for me?

Enna cycle has 3 sizes … We help you!

VAGINAL BIRTH: depending on how your pelvic floor is, how your vaginal walls have been after the birth, if you have exercised the pelvic floor and have strengthened the vaginal walls the size you will need is smaller, if your pelvic floor has suffered after childbirth maybe you will need a bigger one.

SPORT: The practice of sport on a regular basis influences the pelvic musculature:

  •  If you practice sports such as athletics, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics or any other kind of high exercise that involves a lot of jumping around (running, tennis, paddle tennis, aerobics, etc.) you will need a larger size, as these activities tend to weaken the pelvic floor.
  •  If you regularly do low impact exercise such as yoga or pilates, you will need a smaller size.

BUILD AND HEIGHT: If you are tall and/or have a large build, you will need a bigger size; if you are short and/or petite, you will need a smaller size.

To facilitate the introduction of enna cycle there are different ways to bend the menstrual cup

Which are the benefits of using the menstrual cup?


Does not interfere with vaginal pH. It is not associated with the SST


No need for constant changes.


Recover the investment in a few months.


Forget to buy each month, a menstrual cup can be used up to 10 years


Medical-grade silicone is inert, germs do not accumulate in it.


It generates much less waste than any other alternative.

How does the applicator work?