How to choose your menstrual cup size

If you have wondered how to choose your menstrual period cup size or how to find out what your size is, well done! You are taking the right steps towards a more responsible and sustainable period. In today’s post we are going to try and address all your concerns so you get your enna cycle size right. Several factors must be taken into account when choosing one size or another: your age, whether you have given birth or not, if you do sport and if so, which sport and how often, as well as your height and build. However, something which doesn’t affect cup size is the amount of flow, so even if you have a heavy flow, this doesn’t mean that your size has to be bigger. Enna cycle size depends on how wide the vaginal opening is and the strength of the pelvic floor. The amount of flow only determines how often you should change the menstrual period cup.

Factors which must be taken into account when choosing your cup size

Although pads and tampons also go by size, you must not follow any methods you used before because the amount of flow is certainly an important factor when choosing these, regardless of the vaginal opening. 

  • Age: The pelvic floor and its muscles change according to age, which is why young girls will need smaller sizes and will require bigger sizes as they get older. 
  • Sport. There are sports such as running, tennis, athletics and basketball, in addition to others, which weaken the pelvic floor, meaning your pelvic floor muscles won’t be as strong and you might need a bigger size. However, other sports such as yoga and pilates strengthen the pelvic floor, making it more likely that the appropriate size for you will be an S.
  • Vaginal births. Vaginal births weaken the pelvic floor (as well as emergency c-sections in which a first attempt has been made to push out the baby). A size L is normally used after giving birth, however if you have done exercises to help recover the pelvic floor and/or you do yoga or pilates, you may be able to use an M or even an S. 
  • Build and height: If you are tall and/or largely built you will need a bigger size, and if you are short and/or slightly built you will need a smaller size.

As there are many variables to consider, at enna cycle we have the size calculator which will help you identify the menstrual period cup size you need.

What happens if my score is between two sizes?

The size calculator asks you questions in order to bring together all variables and give you a numerical result ranging from 0 to 4 for size S; from 4 to 8 for M and from 8 to 12 for size L. If your score is a 4 or an 8, you must take into account the condition of your pelvic floor and the factors mentioned above in order to choose the appropriate size. 

However, remember at enna cycle we offer a size guarantee, so that in cases like these, you can purchase a menstrual cup without being scared of getting the wrong size. 

Will I need a different size after giving birth?

As mentioned before, L is normally the size used after the postpartum period, but if you were previously using a size S, you might only need an M. You must particularly bear in mind whether you have done pelvic floor recovery so that you might even be able to use the same size again, even though this is not usually the case. It is important that you don’t use the menstrual period cup for postpartum bleeding because the vagina and walls are painful and sore, meaning this is not appropriate for your recovery. So once your hormones become stable, you don’t have to think about what cup size you will need. When your period starts again (this will take longer if you breast-feed), try the cup you used before to decide whether you finally need a bigger size or not.



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