copa menstrual con DIU

Using the menstrual cup with an IUD: Is it possible?

Whether the menstrual cup can be used with an IUD or not is something many women are unsure about. Every week we are sent an email or a question on social media because it seems to be quite unclear if they are compatible or not. Yes, they are compatible. However, before jumping in and using the menstrual period cup and an IUD together, it is best you see your gynaecologist so they can assess whether, for example, the threads of your IUD need to be cut slightly.

IUD, the uterus visitor

The IUD (intrauterine device) is a female method of contraception which is put into the uterus. It is T-shaped and has some threads that hang down the lower end (as mentioned before) which might stick out of the cervix, but don’t tend to hang down any further. This means that the cup and the IUD shouldn’t meet, but it is always best to see a specialist, who may decide to cut the threads a little. Why might this need to be done? It depends on the position of the cervix (if it is low, average or high). If you have a low cervix and the threads stick out, you must make sure that they stay in the menstrual period cup and don’t hang down one side. You should regularly check that the threads are still in place and that they haven’t moved. 

Regardless of whether it is a copper or hormonal IUD, every device has these threads which are used to check it is in the right place and make it easier to remove when the time comes. 

Always remember to break the vacuum

To take the menstrual period cup out, whether you have an IUD or not, but especially if you do, remember to break the vacuum and then pull the cup outwards. This will stop the threads of the IUD from getting sucked up and you can use your fingers at the same time to feel whether they are in the right place. We would also like to take this chance to remind you that the enna cycle thread should not be pulled; it is just a guide to help you check if the cup is in the correct position. If you pull on the thread, you might break it or hit yourself, which could be painful for your intimate area.

As the thread is not used for pulling, your enna cycle can still definitely be worn if it breaks. 

  • Whenever you want to take the cup out, your muscles must be relaxed. If not, they will hold on to the menstrual period cup more tightly. 
  • To make it easier to find the base, open your legs wide and arch your spine or crouch down. You will see that the cup is much easier to reach now. 
  • To take it out, you should hold onto the base of the cup, put pressure on it to break the vacuum and pull from the base. If you see that you’re not able to take the cup out, it is best to stop, wait a while and try again later.



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