Wear your menstrual cup to the beach, pool and summer trips

Wear your menstrual cup to the beach, the pool and your summer trips without fear. Although tampons were the top choice for having fun at the beach and the pool, they often do more harm than good. Tampons contain a lot of bleaching agents and toxins, such as rayon, which are in constant contact with our body. As well as absorbing menstrual fluid, they have the same effect on the natural moisture of the vagina which may cause dryness, small cuts and give rise to infections. What’s more, the tampon string will absorb everything in the water (and we already know that’s not always very clean).

We also shouldn’t forget that leaving wet tampons in for a long time encourages the appearance of bacteria, so it is important to change it when we get out of the water, if possible. This also goes for our swimsuit: damp pieces of clothing shouldn’t be worn for a long time in the vaginal area. What about the menstrual period cup?

Can I wear the menstrual cup for bathing?

There is a lot of uncertainty around using the cup at the beach or the pool. If the menstrual period cup is in the right place and a vacuum has been made, it prevents water from entering, so the cup will never overflow. This is what makes it the best option for summer days. You can also swim and do water sports no problem because as we always say, it is multipurpose, even in summer. 

On days when your flow is not too heavy, you can wear the cup for up to 12 hours, so you might even be able to wait until you get home to change it or make the most of lunchtime at the beach bar. This is the same for days out. If you are planning a trip with various phases, the cup will give you more freedom than pads or tampons to do longer legs.

With enna cycle you can carry a spare second cup in your bag or rucksack so you don’t have to rely on finding somewhere to clean your menstrual period cup. In any case, you can take a bottle of water with you (you’ll surely pack one for the beach) to clean the cup if necessary.

Tips for using your cup at the beach or the pool

As we have said before, you can use the cup at the beach or pool no problem at all, but here are some tips to ensure your experience is 100% positive:

  • If you haven’t started taking advantage of the cup yet and you think your period will come when you’re on holiday, practice at home, even before you get your period. Using the cup requires technique, and many girls take a couple of cycles to get the hang of it and stop getting leaks. It is therefore important you practice so that you don’t get dirty and can feel relaxed after having mastered the art of creating a vacuum.
  • Empty the cup just before you leave home. This means your cup will be able to hold a lot more when you get to wherever you’re going. 
  • Remember that you can wear it for up to 12 hours, but you must not keep the menstrual period cup in for any longer than this
  • If you’re not sure whether there will be a bathroom with a sink to rinse your cup in, take a bottle of water so you can clean your cup. If you take your enna box, you can put the dirty cup inside, fill it with water and gently shake so it is “centrifuged”. You can also carry your sterilized second enna cycle cup to make changing easier.
  • Remember that your hands must always be clean when touching the cup and drinking water should be used to wash your hands, as well as the cup. So if you’re unsure about the water when on a day trip, always use bottled water or the water you’ve brought with you.

By the way, we want to take this chance to remind you that periods don’t stop in water; this is just another myth. The force of gravity might be weaker, meaning that blood is released more slowly. 



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