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Introducing enna protect: the reusable and eco-friendly panty liner

Our reusable and eco-friendly panty liner, enna protect, has arrived to widen the range of enna feminine hygiene products. Many of you have explained to us that you missed having a reusable panty liner for increased protection, especially when you started to use the menstrual cup. Like all enna products, enna protect is made in

embarazo y suelo pélvico
Pelvic floor

Why does the pelvic floor become weak?

There are various reasons for which a woman’s pelvic floor becomes weak. Age, lifestyle and hormones have an influence, but the different stages of the reproductive cycle play an important role too. Pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are stages in which the female body changes and, as the pelvic floor is composed of muscles, if it

menstrual cup

Why is the menstrual cup the best alternative for your body?

Even though it has been a well-known fact for a while that the menstrual cup is the best alternative for your body, it seems it has started to cast a shadow on traditional methods such as pads and tampons in recent years. Feminism, women’s empowerment and environmentalism, as well as other movements, have given rise

Pelvic floor

What is the enna pelvic ball?

The enna pelvic ball is a medical device designed in Spain to strengthen the pelvic floor. By moving while using the pelvic ball, the diamond-shaped inner sphere produces vibrations which cause our muscles to contract involuntarily. Our muscles therefore work to strengthen the pelvic floor without even realising it. The pelvic floor is composed of


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